Episode 18 – Online Account Openings with MANTL


In this episode, we chat with the CEO of MANTL, Nathaniel Harley, about online account opening. We discuss the online account opening revolution and what the impact has been for both bankers and customers. Nathaniel shares the biggest opportunities for community banks during these times. Also, we talk about how banks can innovate and still keep their long-standing legacies. Finally, we cover how MANTL is able to mitigate any risks related to fraud when opening new accounts.

Nathaniel Harley, Co-founder and CEO
Nathaniel Harley is the CEO and co-founder of MANTL, an enterprise SaaS company helping traditional financial institutions modernize and grow. Founded in 2016, MANTL’s mission is to expand access to financial services. 

MANTL believes that the strategic deployment of technology will define the banking landscape for decades to come. Its whitelabeled software helps community and regional institutions raise billions of dollars in core deposits each year and is up to 10x more cost-effective than building a brick-and-mortar branch.

For more information, please visit: https://www.mantl.com