Banker Benefits: New Plans for 2013
Insurance Products for CBA Members


Last year, CBA launched a partnership with the Standard Insurance Company to offer members group life, accidental death and dismemberment, short-term disability and long-term disability insurance products through CBA Banker Benefits. This year, we have added dental and vision insurance plans to our product offering.

Open enrollment is underway, and CBA members are encouraged to take a look at this robust product offering. And while you will find all of the insurance plans competitively priced, to make the group dental insurance product offering even more attractive, banks that enroll for 2013 will receive an additional discount on the insurance plan, made possible by the CBA Group Insurance Trust. Additionally this year, the CBA is affording your bank’s insurance broker the opportunity to participate in the offering of these plans. Below please find a few highlights from the insurance products offered:

Term Life Insurance Plan
• $500,000 maximum benefit for Basic Life; coverage amounts up to $300,000 may be portable
• $500,000 maximum benefit for Additional Life, with a $250,000 guarantee issue level (no medical underwriting is necessary)
• Family benefits package
• Expanded Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage
• Frontier MEDEX travel insurance

Disability Insurance Plan
• $15,000 maximum monthly benefit for Long Term Disability, subject to benefit waiting period, deductible income and other eligibility requirements
• $25,000 benefit for reasonable work accommodation expenses, subject to prior approval from the Standard

Group Vision Insurance
• Three insurance plans are available to help employers balance features and costs to meet the needs of their employees
• All three plans provide benefits for groups as small as 10 employees

Group Dental Insurance
• A selection of flexible dental plans available to help employers find the right coverage for their employees
• CBA currently offering an attractive discount to banks

Plan participants will also have access to a dedicated service team that will provide prompt answers to inquiries, an electronic enrollment tool that allows for fast and accurate sign-up, full benefits administration system to ease the impact on your human resources staff, claim intake flexibility and identity theft protection.

If you have any questions regarding Banker Benefits, please contact us directly at 916/441-7377.