ABA Certificate in Business and Commercial Lending


ABA Certificate in Business and Commercial Lending provides an in-depth look at the commercial lending process and the related financial analysis of a borrower. This curriculum addresses a mix of qualitative and quantitative underwriting and analysis skills.  It will familiarize lenders with both audited and unaudited statements, and fill any gaps in their understanding of credit analysis.  It includes in-depth readings, a comprehensive glossary of terms and job aids that are valuable references to download and print for reference throughout the series of courses and back on the job. 

The curriculum has pre and post-tests that allow seasoned lenders to test out of content areas with which they are familiar, and provides a more efficient learning experience. More importantly, the ABA Certificate in Business and Commercial granted at the completion of this curriculum lets the industry know learners are “credit trained” and ready to bring in new, qualified business.

This curriculum focuses on commercial and industrial lending (C&I), and excludes commercial real estate or investment properties.

Required Courses

You must complete these courses:

Level 1: Understanding Business Borrowers
Level 2: Analyzing Business Financial Statements and Tax Returns
Level 3: Analyzing Personal Financial Statements and Tax Returns
Level 4: Qualitative Analysis and Determining a Credit Risk Rating
Level 5: Loan Structuring, Documentation, Pricing and Problem Loans

The estimated time to complete these 5 courses is approximately 33 hours. Students have access to the curriculum for 1 year from date of purchase.

Course Credits:
ICB: 40.25 CLBB (Levels 1-5)

Commercial and/or Business Bankers and Credit Analysts

Member: $600
Non-Member: $875

ABA Library:
Commercial Lending

For the ABA Business Banking & Commercial Lending Diploma, the ABA Certificate in Commercial Lending is an equivalent of completing Analyzing Financial Statements and Commercial Lending, in the facilitated online format.