ABA Business Banking & Commercial Lending Diploma


This curriculum is designed for small business bankers, new commercial lenders, and those individuals in lending support positions, and management trainees. The courses address broad banking comprehension, financial accounting, commercial lending and credit analysis, product knowledge — both credit and deposit products for small businesses — legal and regulatory issues, and a number of other topics like relationship selling and presentation skills that support the overall business relationship.

Required Courses

You must complete these courses. 

All 5 Levels of
Evaluating and Structuring Commercial Loans Curriculum


Both Analyzing Financial Statements AND Commercial Lending

and the following courses:

ABA Principles of Banking
Credit Products for Small Businesses
Deposit Products for Small Businesses
Ethical Issues for Bankers
General Accounting
Law and Banking: Principles
Presentation Skills
Relationship Selling to Small Business Customers
Servicing and Growing Small Business Relationships