CBA Has a Long and Proud History


Welcome to the California Bankers Association. As one of the largest state banking trade associations and one of the largest state trade associations in the country, CBA has a long and proud history of providing its member institutions with the tools and resources to succeed in California’s dynamic banking marketplace.

Founded in 1891, the California Bankers Association now represents the majority of banks doing business in the state, including commercial banks, industrial loan companies and savings institutions. California has the eighth largest economy in the world and is home to millions of people with diverse backgrounds and interests and is often regarded as an incubator for new business ventures.

And at the center of all this is California’s banking industry, providing jobs to more than 160,000 Californians and financial security and opportunities to millions more. CBA member banks hold more than $6 trillion in assets and loans in excess of $4 trillion. Their interests range from agri-business to consumer lending, from small business to international economic development.

CBA’s mission is to provide our members with unparalleled resources to help them prosper in California’s dynamic marketplace. We help them stay ahead of new banking trends and on top of critical issues.

If you are not yet a member, please contact us. In addition, CBA successfully leverages the buying power of our membership and partners with best-in-class organizations to create value-added products and services which are integral to the success of our membership. Our professional development programs and conferences connect our members with the knowledge and forums necessary to grow their business and to keep it profitable.