Customized Onsite Training
Onsite Programs for Management and Professional Development

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Let CBA Bring the Classroom to You!

CBA’s offsite seminars are excellent opportunities to stay current on trends and topics in the banking industry, and network with colleagues. However, these educational opportunities are not always feasible as travel expenses and time away from the office often limit who can attend an offsite seminar.

Private, customized, onsite training is the perfect option for banks that need a cost-effective way to train a large number of employees at once on a number of topics such as:

Fundamentals of Lending                             Advanced Lending
Directors Certification Program                    Front-Line (Supervisor, Teller)
Customer Service and Sales Skills               Management Training
Negotiations                                                 Leadership
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Benefits of Onsite Training

Cost Savings
Onsite training eliminates most, if not all, of your travel costs. Plus the registration fees are less than an open enrollment program; since our costs are lower, we pass the savings on to you!

Customized Curriculum
What a traditional offsite program cannot offer is an awareness of your corporate culture – our customized onsite training does just that. We work with you to determine what your needs are, what your bank values, and how your culture affects the topic of discussion.

By developing a curriculum specifically with your bank in mind, we are able to account for your employees’ schedules. Night classes? Multiple half-day sessions? Certain days to target or avoid? Onsite training takes place on your schedule, not ours. 

Dynamic Content
While our training catalog is robust, you may have a specific need that has yet to be addressed. Save yourself the time researching and vetting the right vendor. CBA works closely with our fellow state banking associations across the country which gives us easy access to their programs, instructors and vendor relationships.


CBA is committed to being a strategic partner for your education and training needs. Customized, onsite training is yet another way the CBA can increase the value of your bank’s investment in your employees. To discuss your bank’s training needs, or for more information, contact Glenn Younger at or (916) 438-4433.