Keynote Speaker

Jack Craven
Managing Director of Cornerstone Advisors’ Strategic Planning and Execution Practice

Jack Craven brings a deep knowledge of the financial services industry as well as a wide range of executive management and business planning experience to his position as managing director of Cornerstone Advisors’ Strategic Planning and Execution practice.

Before joining the Cornerstone team, he served as the president and COO of one of the leading debt settlement firms in the country, and earlier in his career, as the COO of one of the largest debt buying firms in the United States, which allowed him to gain extensive insight into the world of consumer credit and troubled asset management.

Craven also served as the COO for a $15 billion Midwest regional bank. Prior to that, he served for nearly a decade in senior management positions at US Bancorp and was responsible for the credit, collections, fraud and risk management functions of the then rapidly growing bank’s multi-billion dollar consumer loan portfolios. He was also responsible for all item processing, transportation and mail services for an enterprise that grew during his tenure from $16 billion to more than $90 billion in assets. In these capacities, Craven’s major accomplishments included implementing multi-million dollar cost savings via reengineered business processes, successfully integrating business operations of acquired institutions, implementing new technologies, and successfully designing and implementing custom CRM systems.

Craven began his career in the financial services industry serving in management positions at large financial institutions in Colorado and California. He is a contributing author for GonzoBanker, Cornerstone’s blog, and has written for BAI Banking Strategies. Craven has extensive experience in Six Sigma project management methodology and has successfully taken companies through ISO and SAS certifications on the first attempt.