Keynote Speaker

Dana Turner
Security Practitioner, Security Education Systems, LLC

Dana Turner is a security practitioner based in Pipe Creek, Texas. He has served as a law enforcement officer in several capacities — including the investigation of business and banking crimes — and he is celebrating his 40th entertaining year of crime. As a speaker and conference facilitator, Turner has delivered thousands of platform, telephone and Internet presentations.He has designed and participated in continuing education programs offered by state and national banking and credit union associations, state and federal examining and law enforcement agencies and state and national security, audit and human resources organizations.

As a consultant, Turner has participated in or led hundreds of projects and assisted in the development and delivery of components of seminars, schools and conferences. As a writer, he has written many manuals and books, and numerous newspaper, trade publication and magazine articles published and distributed both nationally and internationally. Turner is the author of the Financial Institution Security Library and he also serves as one of the moderators in several of’s security forums.