Updated Currency Transaction Reporting for Dummies® Here in Time for FinCEN’s March 2013 Deadline

General information

Endorsed CBA strategic partner Verafin Inc., a leading provider of anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-fraud solutions has announced a new update to their complimentary remote banking fraud prevention guide.

Verafin’s guide, “Remote Banking Fraud Detection for Dummies®,” is available for complimentary download.

This up-to-date complimentary eBook helps you understand the latest FinCEN CTR updates and provides information on the benefits of reporting automation.

Discover how to:

  • Spot suspicious online activity
  • Curb cybercrime
  • Proactively prevent fraud loss
  • Implement anti-fraud software

Click here to download your complimentary copy.

Verafin helps financial institutions manage compliance, reputational, and other risks associated with fraud and money laundering. It provides a fully integrated suite of AML and anti-fraud functions, including automated risk scoring, suspicious activity detection, watch list scanning, case management, compliance reporting and record keeping and vendor management.

For more information, contact Stephen Clark, SVP, strategic partners, directly at (916) 438-4448 or sclark@calbankers.com.