Strategic Governance Forum

General information

One of the most important strategic issues for the banking sector is also one its most pressing tactical concerns: how to navigate through the compliance minefield. Today, we are in a tough spot. External standards are more demanding than internal, making it difficult to manage and lead the organization to grow profitably through sustainable means. Now more than ever, we need to be careful who we run the bank for.

Our agenda is strategic in nature: Making moves today to put the bank in a position of advantage tomorrow. It provides participants with practical tools and techniques to fulfill the following board, committee and management responsibilities:

• Where is the line between the role of the board and the role of management?
• How can the board and management work together to get out of the compliance hot seat and create a new normal of success and prosperity?
• What is the right balance between compliance, performance and strategic management?
• How can we create a high performance culture while building our future generation of leaders?
• How can we keep the board renewed and refreshed?

All bank directors, including chairmen and vice-chairmen, CEO’s and senior bank officers, either on the board or those who work closely with their boards, should attend this session.

Mark Sickles, who runs a strategic consulting company that specializes in systems-level organizational management, will lead our session. Mark serves as advisor and educator to boards and executives. His roles include chairman of the board of NACDNJ, strategic governance fellow at Governance & Accountability Institute, governance committee member at El Camino Hospital and advisory board member at Trestle Group. As an executive and consultant, he has created billions of dollars of shareholder value and recently provided the global business community with a superior governance regime based on ethical values and standards. He is the author of Shareholder Value Assurance, The Mark W. Sickles Handbook for Well-Intended Boards & Directors, Strategic Governance and is published by Directors Monthly, Directors & Boards, Investor Relations Update, Global Sourcing Council and New Jersey Bankers Association.

We will be offering this special event on Tuesday, February 5, at Hyatt Regency Newport Beach. For more information/registration please visit the CBA website or contact John Lingvall at (916) 438-4428,