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Understanding the Consolidated Financial Statements for Bank Holding Companies Report (FR Y-9C)

General information

This webinar provides practical guidance for understanding and preparing the FR Y-9C Report for bank holding companies.

The program will begin with a review of bank holding company structures, then move into an overview of the reports that contribute to the FR Y-9C. Participants will also become familiar with the similarities and differences between the FR Y-9C and Call Report and how these differences can sometimes lead to reporting oversights.

This webinar is intended for:

  • Bank Holding Company Call Report Preparers: Call report preparation requires knowledge of call report instructions, bank accounting, bank regulation and virtually all bank operations.
  • Bank Holding Company Call Report Reviewers and Auditors: A detailed review of the call report prior to transmission is essential to insure accuracy and completeness.

The program will be presented by experts from the Federal Reserve Bank in conjunction with the CBA’s annual Call Report Preparation Workshop instructor, Ann Thomas.

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