Money & Banking, 3rd Edition

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“In ancient times, money was mystical and sacred. Modern money is commercial, not sacred, and it is mystical only in our willingness to accept it as a means of exchange for goods and services.”

​This book addresses the modern framework of today’s financial system in which both financial markets and banks play important roles. Numerous real business applications and an inviting writing style, infused with the latest financial examples, relate current money and banking topics to your students’ everyday lives and careers.

  • An innovative combination of content in print and online provides a wealth of comprehensive multimedia learning assets
  • Shorter, comprehensive chapters communicate concepts in a modern design
  • Chapter-in-review cards provide students with a portable study tool
  • A full suite of unique learning tools appeal to different learning styles
  • The latest financial coverage reflects today’s most recent financial climate
  • “Data bank” and “policy insider” provide insights into actual business challenges
  • “Application to everyday life” sections and “policy issues” relate concepts to today’s life

Supports the Money and Banking facilitated online course.

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Money & Banking
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