Law Firms Respond to CBA’s Request to Retract ADA Website Access Demand Letters

General information

Last month the CBA, via representation from the law firm of Bryan Cave LLP, sent a letter to two law firms in Pennsylvania that had sent a number of legally questionable demand letters to CBA member banks, alleging violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act with respect to website access. In the letter we raised a number of serious concerns we had about their firms’ allegations and tactics, and called upon the firms to retract the threats of legal action made against our member banks, and to cease and desist from making any future threats or demands. We recently received correspondence from both law firms notifying us that they were retracting their pre-litigation demand letters that had been sent to our CBA member banks. CBA would like to thank and congratulate Dan Wheeler and Merritt Jones, the attorneys from Bryan Cave LLP, who researched and drafted the very-well expressed letter. Another letter was sent to the California law firm of Pacific Trial Attorneys, which has also been sending similar demand letters to our member banks, but CBA has not yet received a response.