Compensation & Benefits Benchmark Survey

General information

Thank you to all of our 2018 participant banks, for your contribution to our industry, through the CBA Compensation & Benefits Benchmark Survey!

Can you believe it? A year has passed and it’s sign-up time again?

In April, we will distribute our Survey Questionnaire for your participation in the 2019 California Bankers Association Compensation & Benchmark Survey Questionnaire.

If you would like for your bank to be included, as a participant in the 2019 Salary Survey Questionnaire sign up by response to now.  The 2019 results will be ready in September.

There is no fee to participate, but by participating in the survey, your purchase of the survey is at a significant discount. Participants are also first in line, to receive their login credentials and the hard copy.

It will be done before you know it!

Compensation practices continue to evolve and this survey uniquely captures the evolution, through the detailed level of information collected and reported. Participating banks should be applauded for their dedication and effort in providing information to support production of this annual report!

The strategic management of compensation and human resources continues to be a critical factor in the success of a bank. For most banks, compensation constitutes the single largest non-interest operating expense. It is extremely important that banking decision makers have current, reliable information for evaluating compensation and benefits at their own institutions. 

The Western Bankers Association (WBA), in conjunction with Pearl Meyer (PM), conducts an annual compensation and benefits survey, to provide this valuable resource for our industry. This survey provides base salary, incentive and commission compensation data for more than 200 job classifications as well as directors’ compensation information, data on human resources practices, comparative healthcare cost information and employee benefits summary statistics.

While growth rates are moderating somewhat, roughly half of the banks head- quartered in California continued to grow their balance sheet at a double-digit pace in 2017.

Each year, the WBA and Pearl Meyer update the survey based on a thorough review by the Compensation Survey Advisory Committee, participant suggestions, and our understanding of industry trends.

 The 2018 survey includes the following statistics:

The 2018 survey report is based on information provided on more than 9,600 incumbents

279 jobs were available for match; Participants matched 270 positions

207 jobs were able to be reported (had five or more banks supplying incumbent information)

The 2018 survey includes the following enhancements:

The addition of eight new positions: Chief Banking Officer, Leasing General Manager, Leasing and Business Finance Officer, Digital Channels Product Manager, Deposit Relationship Manager, Deposit Relationship Officer, Collateral Valuation Specialist, and Document Imaging Coordinator.

 Revision of the Operations Clerk position – changed title to Operations Coordinator and updated the job description.

Revised the job descriptions for Lending Generalist and Data Analyst/Specialist.

Area definitions have changed. Area 6 has been dissolved and the remaining five areas have been readjusted. Nevada moved from Area 2 to Area 1; San Luis Obispo and Monterey have been moved from Area 4 to Area 5; Santa Cruz and San Benito have been moved from Area 4 to Area 3. The new Area 4 consists of Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. 

Asset grouping has changed. 

To sign up for participation in or purchase of, the current available survey, contact Jana Shaffer at You may also download the order form via the attachment provided.

For questions regarding survey content contact Linda Odell at (916) 438-4403 or

We appreciate your contribution to our industry, through the CBA Compensation & Benefits Benchmark Survey!