Topline Q2 2015

General information

Fielded a number of incoming media inquiries, which focused on a wide range of issues including EMV and data security standards, marijuana and banking, credit unions’ tax exempt status, credit card fraud and more.

Media interviews were conducted with the Oakland Tribune, Fresno Bee, Sacramento Bee, ABC7(LA), the San Diego and Sacramento Business Journals and the State Net Journal.

Drafted an opinion editorial from President and CEO Rod Brown titled, “A golden tax break that’s no longer justified”. The op-ed appeared in the Sacramento Bee and was in response to recent news that Golden 1 credit union, a $9 billion “non-profit” corporation headquartered in Sacramento, had purchased the naming rights to the new Sacramento Kings arena, for a price of $120 million over the next 20 years.

Developed and placed an opinion editorial on the credit union subject titled, “Credit unions get unfair tax advantage,” from Richard Smith, president and CEO of TriCounties Bank and CBA board member. The op-ed appeared in the Sacramento Business Journal.

Issued a press release announcing new 2015-2016 CBA chairman Tad Lowrey, chairman of Pacific Western Bank.

Tweeted more than 55 times to more than 700 followers on CBA’s Twitter social media profile to engage online with policymakers, members, the media and endorsed partners.

Launched CBA’s company LinkedIn social media profile in June to further engage with members, employees and endorsed partners. Had more than 35 interactions and clicks on shares since launch.

Created new “Member Resources” tab on CBA’s website containing topical members only resources on subjects including data security, marijuana and banking, financial literacy, credit unions and more. 

Worked closely with the events and education teams to design marketing materials to promote CBA events, conferences and seminars. Brochures and other collateral material were created for CBA’s CFO Conference, HR Conference, Lenders Conference, Annual Legislative Conference, Annual Convention and Bank Counsel Seminar, Enterprise Risk Management seminar and more.

Assisted with several marketing campaigns to highlight new services or product offerings from existing endorsed partners WolfPAC, Verafin, Wolters Kluwer and Equias Alliance.