Topline Q3 2014

General information

Fielded more than 15 incoming media inquiries, focused on a wide range of issues including eminent domain, data security, new FICO credit scoring, CBA sponsored legislation signed into law and marijuana and banking.

Conducted media interviews with Bloomberg, the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, KFBK and ABC7 among other publications and news outlets.

Distributed an opinion editorial from President and CEO Rod Brown on an unproductive congress, focusing specifically on their lack of action on reforming the qualified mortgage rule, and review of the credit unions’ federal tax exemption. The oped appeared in the Contra Costa Times and Pacific Coast Business Times.

Issued a press release announcing that Governor Brown signed into law CBA-sponsored Assembly Bill 1393, which will extend important tax relief to borrowers who under this legislation will not be required to report the amount of debt forgiven by a lender due to a negotiated short sale or principal reduction resulting from a loan modification.

Tweeted an average of four times a week to more than 500 followers on CBA’s Twitter social media profile to engage online with policymakers, members, the media and strategic partners.

Facilitated the development and the media release of a California banking industry intelligence report authored by Beacon Economics. Reprint provides an overview of the banking sector, current interest rate environment and expected Federal Reserve action.

Issued a press release announcing Merchant e-Solutions as a new CBA strategic partner.

Worked closely with the events team to design marketing materials to promote CBA events, conferences and seminars. Brochures and other collateral material were created for CBA’s Joint Washington, D.C. Visit, Regulatory Compliance Conference, Chief Credit Officers Symposium, Bank Presidents Seminar.

Assisted with several marketing campaigns to highlight new services or product offerings from existing strategic partners Equias Alliance, CNA, xACSIA Partners and Merchant e-Solutions.