CBA Strategic Partner Verafin Releases Infographic on Debit Card Fraud

General information

The California Bankers Association’s endorsed strategic partner, Verafin, has released “The Tale of Debit Card Fraud,” a highly visual introduction to the growth of debit card fraud across the United States.

The complimentary infographic is a quick and vivid way for you to quickly understand:

• The history of debit card use
• The difference between magnetic stripe and EMV chip cards
• The rapid increase in debit card fraud as highly organized criminals migrate their efforts to the U.S.

Click here to view the graphic. 

Verafin is a North American leader in anti-money laundering and fraud detection solutions for financial institutions, with more than 1,000 customers that span more than 65 core processing systems and a broad asset range. Verafin helps financial institutions manage compliance, reputational and other risks associated with fraud and money laundering. 

For more information, contact Stephen Clark, CBA’s SVP of strategic partnerships at (916) 438-4448 or