CBA Strategic Partner LTC Partners & Insurance Services Offers Exclusive Insurance Program for Members

General information

Specializing exclusively in long-term care insurance, CBA endorsed Strategic Partner LTC Partners & Insurance Services is composed of hundreds of state-licensed long-term care insurance agents, and is one of the nation’s largest long term care insurance agencies. 

CBA is pleased to partner with LTC Partners & Insurance Services (known outside of California as LTC Financial Partners, LLC, or LTCFP) to offer this insurance program exclusively for your employees and their family members.

The long-term care field is one of growing importance as millions of baby boomers reach retirement age, and the care needs of an aging population are magnified. Long-term care offers a variety of services to meet health or personal care needs over an extended period of time. The goal of long-term care insurance is to help you pay for these services, which are typically not covered through traditional benefit plans. The newest generation of long-term care policies cover a broad spectrum of services and focuses much more on care in the setting most individuals prefer, their own home.

We understand the importance of this coverage, and that is why CBA will make a meaningful contribution to subsidize a portion of member bank employees’ policy premiums for the first three years. LTC’s insurance professionals are available to work with you directly to implement a plan at your institution.

Not only are you helping protect your employee’s future financial well-being, but this new benefit may provide you the added advantage of attracting and retaining employees in a competitive marketplace.

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