CBA State Government Relations Committee Meets to Discuss Strategic Planning

General information

Last Thursday and Friday, CBA’s State Government Relations Committee met for its annual strategic planning session. The meeting allowed for a brief recap of this year’s legislative activities while turning sharply toward developing strategies and tactics for the anticipated opportunities and challenges expected next year. CBA staff was joined by the association’s chairman of the board of directors, Richard Sanborn, president and CEO of Seacoast Commerce Bank. The engagement and dialogue provided by committee members resulted in meaningful guidance and direction for CBA’s state government relations team. Covering a great deal of ground during the course of the session, the committee discussed the likely return of legislation focused on data security and privacy, as well as a variety of other measures impacting bank operations, residential and commercial lending.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to thank and acknowledge the significant efforts of the volunteer bankers serving on the committee. We recognized the conclusion of First Northern Bank President and CEO, Louise Walker’s, distinguished term as chair of the committee while welcoming El Dorado Savings Bank CEO, George Cook, Jr., as the new chair. We are also pleased to announce Robert Flautt, president and CEO of Folsom Lake Bank, as the committee’s new vice-chair. If you have any questions regarding the annual strategic planning session, please do not hesitate to contact Kevin Gould, CBA’s senior vice president and director of state government relations at or (916) 438-4410.