CBA Conducts Editorial Board Meetings

General information

During the past few weeks, CBA conducted two successful editorial board meetings with the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times. This is the fourth year in which CBA has organized these meetings, which are led by CBA President and CEO Rod Brown with participation from local CBA member bank leadership. Both meetings were excellent opportunities for California’s industry leaders to interface with the editorial board staff (those who determine the direction of the newspaper’s opinion page) and discuss issues of concern to the industry and consumers, and communicate the positive role their bank plays in the local community. Specific issues discussed included data security, the lending and operating environment for California banks and CBA’s sponsored legislative measure seeking to provide important tax relief for borrowers given a principle reduction on their residential mortgage. CBA wishes to thank the following bankers for their participation in the meetings: Steve Buster, Jeff Ball, Joanne Kim and Dave Misch. Two more upcoming editorial board meetings are scheduled with the Sacramento Bee and the San Francisco Chronicle.