CBA Conducts Editorial Board Meeting with the San Francisco Chronicle

General information

On June 19, CBA conducted an editorial board meeting with the San Francisco Chronicle. The meeting, organized by CBA VP of Communications Beth Mills, and led by CBA President and CEO Rod Brown with participation from local CBA member bank leadership, was an excellent opportunity for California’s industry leaders to interface with the editorial board staff (those who determine the direction of the newspaper’s opinion page) and discuss issues of concern to the industry and consumers, and communicate the positive role their bank plays in the local community.

The meeting with the Chronicle covered a wide range of topics including the increased regulatory pressures and the current operating environment for California banks, small business lending opportunities, the overall economic health of California, cities using of eminent domain to acquire performing, underwater mortgages and the importance of financial literacy. CBA would like to acknowledge and thank Steve Heitel, president & CEO of Presidio Bank and Andy Mastorakis, president of Fremont Bank who joined us for this meeting.