CBA Conducts Editorial Board Meeting with the Sacramento Bee

General information

Last week, CBA conducted an editorial board meeting with the Sacramento Bee. The meeting covered a wide range of topics including the increased regulatory pressures and the current operating environment for California banks, data security and privacy, small business lending opportunities, credit unions, student loans and the impact of the qualified mortgage rule. This was the fourth editorial board meeting conducted by CBA this year.

Overall, these meetings have been excellent opportunities for California’s industry leaders to interface with the editorial board staff (those who determine the direction of the newspaper’s opinion page) and discuss issues of concern to the industry and consumers, and communicate the positive role their bank plays in the local community.

CBA would like to acknowledge and thank the following bankers who joined us at the Bee: Rick Smith, TriCounties Bank; Kathie Sowa, Bank of America and Virginia Varela, Golden Pacific Bank.