California Legislature Approves 2014-15 Budget

General information

The California Legislature convened on Sunday to enact the 2014-15 state budget, a proposed spending plan agreed to by both houses and the governor earlier in the week. The budget includes more than $200 billion in spending (including federal funds) and restores funding for numerous cuts to programs previously reduced during years of double-digit deficits. Highlights of the 2014-15 state budget:

– Provides $108 billion in general fund spending, an increase of $7.3 billion from last year
– Contains $76 billion in K-12 education funding, an increase of $5.6 billion more than last year’s budget
– Appropriates $250 million in funds for high-speed rail using 25 percent of the state’s cap and trade fund
– Pays down $11 billion of debt, including deferrals and budgetary obligations
– Appropriates $1.6 billion for a “rainy day” fund
– Increases court funding by $233 million
– Pays $100 million to local governments for mandated services which began accruing 10 years ago

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