California Bankers to Serve on California Cybersecurity Task Force Subcommittee

General information

Representatives from five CBA member banks are serving on a recently formed cybersecurity taskforce economic development subcommittee led by the governor’s office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). The goals of the subcommittee are to facilitate economic development and job creation in the field of cybersecurity, promote greater partnerships between government, industry, and academia around cybersecurity, attract additional investment into cybersecurity and identify a set of standards and best practices for California’s top industries. The final goal of the task force is to submit a report to the governor and ultimately have the state implement a secure and innovative state cybersecurity strategy. The bankers participating on the subcommittee are Rick Baich from Wells Fargo, John Denning from Bank of America, Stephen Hughes from Citigroup, David Pollino from Bank of the West and Debbie Skinner from F&M Bank of Lodi. CBA greatly appreciates the efforts and involvement of these bankers on an issue with significant impact on the banking industry.