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Benefits of Membership
CBA: In Business to Help its Members Succeed

The California Bankers Association is in business to help its member banks – regardless of their size or specialization – to succeed in California’s dynamic marketplace.

As a CBA member, you have access to a wealth of resources not available to other financial institutions or service providers, resources that directly impact your bottom line.

New laws and regulations directly affect your ability to conduct business the way you want or need to conduct business. To this end, CBA maintains a full staff of in-house lobbyists to help shape legislative proposals to reflect the interests of our membership.

The California Bankers Association provides its member banks with the resources they need to succeed in California’s dynamic and innovative marketplace. From compliance software to insights on the industry and office supplies, CBA is constantly identifying new and needed resources for its members.

We also offer members the opportunity to grow business – and business acumen – through professional development offerings, as well as the opportunity to participate in the management of our industry’s reputation through our media outreach efforts.

CBA also provides its members with preferred pricing for products and services that can both improve operations and save money through its Strategic Partner program.