Analyzing Personal and Corporate Financial Statements and Tax Returns
Seminar is a core element of CBA's Commercial Lending Curriculum

General information

This is a great starting point for junior commercial loan officers, new relationship managers, credit analysts, loan support officers, loan officer trainees, branch managers, financial services officers and any other bankers who want to be sure they have a strong base on which to build their credit analysis skills. This course will provide bankers with the tools needed to determine the creditworthiness of current customers and prospects.

Some of the topics we’ll focus on include:

  • Knowing when to require personal financial statements
  • Making required adjustments to personal financial statements for cooperative borrowers and belligerent borrowers during a problem loan situation
  • Review of the personal and corporate financial statement and the major components
  • Calculation of key ratios to determine liquidity, leverage, asset management, operations and cash flow
  • Review of personal and corporate tax returns and how they relate to each other through a case study
  • Review of key tax schedules including Schedules C, D, E, K-1 

Jeffery Johnson, principal of Bankers Insight Group, will deliver the workshop. Johnson was previously a senior lender for SouthTrust Bank and senior vice president and commercial banking division manager for Citizens Trust Bank of Atlanta. He has spent most of his career in credit administration, lending (commercial, consumer and real estate), business development, loan review and management. 

We will offer this course on April 9 and 10, at the Renaissance ClubSport Hotel in Walnut Creek.

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