Topline Q3 2016

General information

Reviewed and monitored the 2,331 legislative measures introduced in 2016, identified 377 as having a potential impact on, or of interest to, the financial services industry and adopted new positions on 11 state legislative measures.

Secured enactment of three CBA-sponsored measures, one bringing parity to state-chartered banks by allowing them to establish school-based savings programs for the purpose of financial education without forming an official bank branch, a second measure defines what is considered “sufficient information” within a bank’s statement of account when items are not returned to customers, and the third bill requires the delivery of model disclosures to borrowers seeking to encumber their residential one-to-four real property for improvements made through property assessed clean energy loans. Due to its potential fiscal impact on the state budget, a fourth CBA-sponsored bill conforming state tax law to federal tax law when a distressed borrower’s mortgage debt is forgiven through principal reduction was vetoed.

Secured enactment of three CBA-supported measures including a measure adopting a hybrid version of the Uniform Law Commission’s Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act, a measure that changes the Unclaimed Property Law to allow certain recurring payments initiated electronically to be considered account activity, and legislation permitting companies that assist banks and other lenders with residential mortgage loan processing and underwriting to continue to operate in California with continued supervision by the Department of Business Oversight.

Of the measures CBA actively opposed, two were amended to remove our opposition, two were sent to the governor and signed into law.

Defeated the passage of a measure that expanded exemptions that benefit debtors and disadvantage creditors in bankruptcy and a resolution urging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to adopt rules discouraging the use of arbitration.

Conducted 16 internal policy committee meetings. Participated in 32 meetings with legislators and their staff, 5 meetings with agency departments and 4 meetings with the governor’s office.

Facilitated a conference call meeting between CBA members and the California Infrastructure and Development Bank (IBank) to discuss the launch of their new Jump Start Loan Program.

Hosted the eighth and final State Capitol Advocacy Leadership Program meeting of 2016 with  11 representatives from CBA-member banks from the northern California region, who received a briefing from the Assembly Committee on Baking and Finance Chairman Matt Dababneh and conducted 15 meetings with legislators and their staff at the state Capitol.

Hosted banking community events for Senator Steve Glazer, Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes, Assembly Member Catharine Baker and Assembly Member Matt Dababneh.

Conducted three state legislative grassroots meetings and two federal legislative grassroots meetings.

Co-hosted the 14th Annual Joint Washington, D.C. Visit in September. Thirteen CBA members were joined by their Florida Bankers Association colleagues and participated in the visit. The two associations met with eight members of the House of Representatives, three U.S. senators, a representative from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and two regulators during the visit. Issues discussed included regulatory relief to banks, farm credit system reform, and the credit unions’ federal tax exempt status and their efforts to expand their business lending authority.

CBA members attended one district event for a federal legislator and one district event for a state legislative candidate.

Participated in 34 Sacramento fundraisers for members of the California Legislature and state legislative candidates.

Conducted two meetings with state legislative candidates.

Raised an additional $7,100 for the CBA State PAC (2016 total: $185,394-98% of goal) and an additional $833 for the CBA Federal PAC (2016 total: $83,030-77% of ABA goal).