Topline Q4 2014

General information

Held annual State Government Relations Committee strategic planning session to identify anticipated legislative conflicts for the upcoming legislative year and a forum to develop strategy and messaging for those conflicts.

Produced and distributed Annual Legislative and Regulatory Summary detailing key state and federal legislative and regulatory issues and their outcomes.   

Extended appointment requests for introductory meetings with all newly-elected 35 freshman state legislators and participated in three meetings at the end of the fourth quarter (remaining meetings will continue in 2015).

President and CEO, Rod Brown, traveled to Washington, D.C. in December to meet with Doreen Eberley, director, FDIC Division of Risk Management Supervision, key members of the House Committee on Financial Services’ majority and minority staff and the new financial services legislative aide to Senator Dianne Feinstein.

CBA members participated in five district fundraisers for federal legislative candidates.

Hosted a banking community event for Assembly Member Henry Perea, CBA members participated in one district fundraiser for a state legislative candidate and CBA participated in eight Sacramento fundraisers for state legislative candidates.

At year-end, raised $190,162 (103 percent of goal) for the CBA State PAC and $71,692 (66 percent of ABA goal) for the CBA Federal PAC.