Topline Q1 2014

General information

Reviewed all 2,116 newly introduced legislative measures and identified 383 as having a potential impact on or of interest to the financial services industry. Continued to monitor 190 remaining active measures from 2013 (first half of Legislative Session), with 98 bills identified as having a potential impact on or of interest to the financial services industry. 

Provided detailed analysis of 64 measures to CBA policy committees and adopted formal positions on 54 measures to date.

Sponsored two legislative measures:

  • Assembly Bill 1858 amends Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), pertaining to secured transactions involving commercial loan business borrowers
  • Senate Bill 339 extends important tax relief to residential mortgage borrowers receiving principal reduction resulting from a short sale or loan modification

Generated three issue briefs for use by membership and advocacy team.

Participated in 46 meetings with state legislators and state agency departments, including our on-going meetings with the State Controller’s Office to discuss the state’s financial status and cash management plans.

Conducted 30 internal policy committee meetings.

Provided testimony on behalf of the industry at the Assembly Committee on Judiciary and Assembly Committee on Banking and Finance Joint Oversight Hearing on Bank on California, and the Committee on Banking and Finance Informational Hearing on Data Breaches.

Provided CBA member testimony at the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Joint Informational Hearing on Data Breaches

Presented legislative briefing at CBA Annual Lenders Conference

Conducted a meeting with between CBA Agricultural Lending Committee and the California State Agriculture and Resources Secretary Karen Ross to impact of California’s drought conditions on the financial services industry.

Co-sponsored the California Tribal Business Alliance’s Back-to-Session event welcoming the California Legislature and constitutional officers back to the Capitol for the second half of the legislative session.

CBA members participated in district fundraisers for state Senator Mimi Walters, candidate for the 45th congressional district, and Assembly Member Jim Patterson.

Conducted 12 state legislative grassroots meetings attended by CBA members.

CBA participated in 28 Sacramento fundraisers for members of the state legislature and state legislative candidates.

CBA conducted 15 meetings with state legislative candidates.

Attended seven meetings with members of Congress and their senior staff during the ABA’s Government Relations Summit regarding the CLEAR Act, bank examination reform, equal tax treatment for credit unions, the Farm Credit System and tax reform, data breach and data security, and BASEL III capital rules reform.

Raised more than $33,000 for the CBA Federal PAC by conducting live/silent auctions during Bank Presidents Seminar.

Raised $127,473 (69 percent of goal) for the CBA State PAC and $50,380 (59 percent of goal) for the CBA Federal PAC.