2013 Financial Literacy Webinar / Reaching the 21st Century Consumer

General information

Today, customer acquisition is both costly and increasingly difficult as competition intensifies. Current customers have high expectations yet their loyalty is at an all-time low. Market leaders tackle this issue by offering technologies that enrich customers’ lives, resulting in differentiation in the community, increased customer loyalty, and scaled market presence all while tackling federal mandates.

EverFi, a CBA-endorsed Strategic Partner, has created an online learning platform to help banks and communities work together to give students a future of financial stability. Please join us for an in-depth overview of financial education and the impact on the private sector industry.

What You Will Learn:

Financial Literacy Benefits – understand the value of educating your customers and community, a deeper look into the benefits we see across the US
Digital Tool – how your company can scale education initiatives in your community
Case Studies – how to leverage education to meet marketing, positive PR, ad customer acquisitions needs
CRA & FDIC – how other corporations use EverFi to meet federal mandates

Event Details:

Tuesday, October 15th 2pm-3pm EST
• Presented by Jon Chapman, EverFi Co-Founder

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