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CBA Launches Radio Advertising Campaign
Ad Focuses on Banks Ongoing Investment in Technology and Keeping Customer Information Secure

This two-week public awareness and education campaign will focus on the following timely themes: California banks’ ongoing investments in technology to make banking safer and more convenient for customers, including the deployment of chip-based credit cards; their ongoing commitment to protecting customers’ financial information and ensuring their customers are made whole financially in the event of a data breach at a retailer.


CBA Releases 2017 Incident Response Playbook

The CBA has partnered with the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FSISAC) and the American Bankers Association to provide the 2017 Incident Response Playbook, which delivers guidance to banks in California on actions to consider taking before a cybersecurity incident as well as needs and information-sharing protocols in response to and during recovery from a cybersecurity incident as well as recommendations for actions to take following a cybersecurity incident.


What You Need to Know About California Banks
FAQ's and Fact Sheets Now Available

The California Bankers Association is pleased to announce the availability of resources designed to help communicate the positive role California banks play in our communities and the economic value we provide to the state.

We encourage you to browse these materials, which include a frequently asked questions document and two fact sheets: one outlining the basic elements of the recently enacted Homeowner Bill of Rights and a second piece describing how banks operate.


Protect Your Money

California banks invest millions of dollars annually to protect consumers’ information and defend against fraud. Below are several resources you can use to help protect your financial information. 


Choosing a Bank to Fit Your Needs

For nearly 200 years, banks across the state have provided Californians with the means to fulfill their dreams. Banks today continue to safeguard your savings and provide assistance in managing your finances.


Consumer Center

Do you have questions about things like mortgages, credit cards, fighting fraud or saving for college? Our Consumer Center offers resources for consumers to learn about these topics (and more) so that you can make knowledgeable financial decisions.


Kids and Money

When it comes to talking to your kids about money, the sooner the better. There are opportunities at every age to teach your child the importance of handling money responsibly to ensure they live financially smart lives.