Subscription Features
A Single Subscription for the Entire Board

The Directors Education Series allows your board to stay current with their training and aids them in navigating the complexities of today’s banking environment.

Features of the Directors Education Series include:

  • One subscription enables each member on the Board of Directors access to all of the webcasts
  • New programs are released each month
  • Access to the entire module library: subscribing institutions have access to not only the modules aired during their subscription, but also access to every module previously produced and archived
  • Modules include: audio, video, and PowerPoint presentations. Each module is further supplemented with the following materials:
    • Presentation handouts
    • Monthly record of who attended the sessions
    • Discussion questions
  • Webcasts can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, 24/7 on PCs, Macs, iPads, and many other mobile devices
  • Monthly viewing reports are provided to the subscription administrator twice a month on the previous month’s attendance. This report shoes what modules were viewed, the name of the viewer, the duration of the view, and more
  • 12 month subscription – $1,395

Registration Information

The cost of subscription is determined by the asset size of your institution. In the case of holding companies or banks under common ownership, the aggregate asset size of participating banks determine the subscription tier.

Asset Size Monthly Price (Billed Annually)
Less Than $499 M $125
$500M – $999M $250
$1B – $4.9B $425
$5B – $10B $600
$10B+ $850

Your subscription includes access to the entire course library as well as new releases during the term of your subscription. You will have access to modules in the library through your expiration date. Access will be over the internet. You will need a computer or device with a high speed internet connection and audio producing capability.

TTS reserves the right to remove or edit course content at any time. Topic schedules are subject to change.

The subscription term will commence after your registration has been received and confirmed by TTS. At this time your account credentials will be sent to you. This agreement will continue for 12-months and  will be auto renewed at the end of the current term for a successive 12-month term unless either party gives written notice of its intention not to renew 15 days before the expiration of the current term. TTS will also notify you of any changes in the terms of the Subscription at least 30 days prior to the notice period for renewal or termination.

Subscription pricing is based on the asset size of your financial institution, holding company or other banking entity. In the case that your company is a nonbanking institution, the introductory rate is applied.

Subscription payment will be by credit card or ACH at the time of registration. Prices are advertised in monthly terms and based on annual payment in full at the time of registration. 

If you have any questions, please contact Glenn Younger at the California Bankers Association (916) 438-4433 or

Past On Demand Individual Modules
Many of the Bank Director Education series modules are available for individual sale and is a great way to test the program without the commitment of an annual subscription. Click here to find out which modules are currently available for individual purchase.

Topics Available in the Module Library

  • Banking and social media
  • BASEL III & capital requirements
  • Board legal issues
  • BSA basics: CIP, CDD and SARs
  • BSA/AML compliance updates
  • Cybersecurity
  • Compliance management systems
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Fair lending
  • Interest rate risk
  • M&A transactions
  • Ration and cash flow analysis
  • Raising capital by selling securities
  • Repaying loans
  • Strategic planning
  • Succession planning
  • Third part relationships
  • TDRs and non-accrual recognition
  • Profitability management
  • ALLL analysis
  • Email encryption
  • Executive compensation
  • Plus many more…

Meet the Faculty

The Directors Education Series utilizes its vast network to bring to you a collection of distinguished speakers and recognized experts in the banking industry including:

  • Carl Pry 
  • Joel Abramson 
  • Susan Costonis 
  • Deborah Crawford 
  • Jeffery Johnson 
  • Tim Reimink  
  • Jennifer Burke  
  • Dave Adams 
  • Bob Gregg 
  • Nicholas Hahn
  • Sophie Kelley 
  • John Knight