Supervisor Certificate


Description: This course prepares new and potential first-level supervisors to handle people management duties. Among the topics covered are hiring, performance management, coaching, rewards and recognition, corrective action, managing employee relations, and managing change. Students who complete this course and the Banking Today course or equivalent experience will receive the ABA Performance Training Series Supervisor Certificate.

Audience: New and potential first level supervisors

Learning Objectives: After successfully completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Select the most qualified candidate for the job;
  • Describe the importance of ethical practices in banking;
  • Identify the major strategies for managing employee relations;
  • Execute and communicate clear performance objectives;
  • Recognize the need to coach others to achieve their personal best;
  • Explain the need to employee corrective action and plan appropriate steps for corrective counseling;
  • Describe different forms of recognition and the benefits;
  • Explain the change process and what actions to take to manage change

16 weeks

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AIB Credit: 3.25
ACE Credit:
















Catalog Number Start Date End Date
3007937 09/24/2012 01/27/2013
3008016 02/12/2013 06/02/2013
3008049 04/29/2013 08/18/2013
3008086 07/22/2013 11/10/2013