Law and Banking: Principles



Description: This newly updated AIB course is a foundation on the business law principles underlying banking law as well as a description of the context for and process of creating banking law and regulations. Knowing the basics of business law enables every banker to more easily understand laws pertaining to bank products, services and transactions.

Audience: Personnel who are new to banking or require a refresher course on the legal basis for many banking laws governing products, services and transactions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the legal and regulatory system by which laws and regulations are made and banks are governed
  • Describe the Uniform Commercial Codes Articles 3, 4, and 9
  • Distinguish between civil law and criminal law, torts and crimes
  • Explain concepts such as of legal capacity, obligation, authority, responsibility and liability
  • Explain the elements, types of, and rules for interpretation of contracts
  • Understand real and personal property ownership, ways property is transferred or acquired, major types of property interests
  • Describe the UCC Article 3 rules for negotiable instruments, the rules of negotiation 
  • Explain UCC Article 4 requirements for transfer of negotiable instruments, the rules for banks in the collection process, the affect of Check 21

16 weeks

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AIB Credit: 3
ACE Credit: 3











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