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The CBA Compensation and Benefits Benchmark Survey.
Thank you to our 2017 participating banks!!

The 2017 Survey Will Be Available in September.

Compensation constitutes the single largest non-interest operating expense. It is extremely important that banking decision makers have current, reliable information for evaluating compensation and benefits at their own institutions. 

CBA’s survey, produced in conjunction with Pearl Meyer, provides base salary, incentive and commission compensation data for more than 200 job classifications as well as directors’ compensation information, data on human resources practices, comparative healthcare cost information and employee benefits summary statistics. 

The 2016 survey is still available and includes the following statistics:

  • The 2016 survey report is based on information provided on more than 9,950 incumbents and 251 jobs were available for match
  • Participants matched 247 positions
  • 204 jobs were able to be reported (had five or more banks supplying incumbent information)

· The 2016 survey includes the following enhancements:

  • The addition of three new jobs: Universal Banker (levels 1-4), Credit Operations Specialist, and Credit Operations Manager
  • Removal of Internet Banking Officer and Top Insurance Executive positions
  • Department Secretary has merged with Administrative Assistant
  • Business Development Officer position has moved from Staff/Administration category to the Lending category in the job descriptions section.

To order the survey or sign up for participation, please contact Jana Shaffer

For questions regarding survey content please contact Linda Odell at (916) 438-4403 or

We appreciate your contribution to our industry, through the CBA Compensation & Benefits Benchmark Survey.

“Our company uses this survey
extensively. It provides invaluable
information relative to compensation,
benefits and HR practices for our
industry. Every year it improves with
additional information, trends and
new or revised jobs.”
David T. Taber, CEO
American River Bankshares