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You only have until January 6 to Save $200, and …
Get some great tips on managing your Loan Portfolio!

The loan portfolio is typically the largest asset and the predominate source of revenue. As such, it is one of the greatest sources of risk to a bank’s safety and soundness. Not surprisingly loan portfolio management has become an area of increased regulatory scrutiny.

This session will show you how to get a more complete picture of your bank’s risk profile and some practical tools to analyze and control your risk. Among the topics we’ll be covering are:

  • Lender Performance and Compensation – How to Compensate and Retain Your Best Lenders
  • Lending at a Rate that You Won’t Regret Tomorrow – Loan Pricing Strategies that Work
  • Acquiring & Maximizing Small Business Lending Opportunities Using an Online Platform
  • SWAPS – A Successful Tool for Competing with the Super Regionals
  • Outsmarting Your Lending Competition With Data
  • Loan Portfolio Stress Testing & It’s Relationship to Capital Adequacy
  • FHLB Advances – How To Enhance Interest Rate Risk & Funding Costs
  • Outsourcing Your Real Estate Headache
  • Funding – The Key to Margin Retention