California Legislation

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Recent Labor Laws in California: What Bankers Need to Know
by Melanie Cuevas, VP of Government Relations

Each year California enacts about a thousand new laws with impacts that run the gamut and largely reflect the liberal viewpoint of the Legislature’s democratic supermajority. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the legislative process in 2020, California lawmakers tackled numerous issues related to human resources that will have longstanding impacts on California workplaces for years to come – diversity on boards of directors, protected and paid leave benefits, reporting of pay data, and workplace protections for victims of domestic violence.

Press release

Legislative Sessions Underway in Washington, D.C. and Sacramento
by Kevin Gould, SVP/Director of Government Relations

At the federal level, Congress is in and we are seeing the re-introduction of several measures from the prior Congressional session that are impactful to the banking industry. One important factor that distinguishes this session compared to the prior is that Democrats have taken control of the Senate while maintaining a narrower margin in the House of Representatives. This could have implications on measures important to our industry. 

Press release

CBA Responds to AB 1177, the California Public Banking Option Act


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California Bankers Association (CBA), issued the following statement in response to today’s press conference supporting AB 1177:

“Here we go again with the annual introduction of yet another bill seeking to introduce public banking to California. Despite voter rejection of the idea at the polls and public opinion polling indicating Californians’ opposition to the concept, advocates are nonetheless back pushing an idea with limited support.