Banking and Economic Update
The California Bankers Association and Beacon Economics Release California Banking and Economic Study

Announcement Beth Mills

CBA and Beacon Economics have joined together to commission the California “Banking and Economic Update,” a report that examines important issues that currently affect California’s banking industry and overall economy. The report is authored by Chris Thornberg, Ph.D., founding partner, and Jordan Levine, economist and director of economic research, of Beacon Economics.

This first report examines elements of California’s foreclosure crisis and housing recovery, and also takes a look at how California compares economically to Texas, a state often looked to as being more business friendly than California. This report also offer the authors’ insights into the national and state economic landscape, by examining a number of statistics including GDP growth, unemployment, real estate and housing starts, and consumer income and spending. Finally, the report provides a banking statistics section which includes a variety of data on banking activities in California, including gross loans by categories, delinquencies, capitalization and charge-offs.