2015 Human Resources Conference
Addressing the critical HR topics our member banks face today.

General information

Below is the 2015 Human Resources Conference agenda for your review. To the right (under resources) are PDFs of the presenters’ PowerPoint presentations for your reference.

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***2015 Agenda***

7:30 – Registration & Breakfast

8:20 – Welcome & Introductions

8:30 - Emerging Employment and Labor Law Challenges In The Banking Industry
Donna M. Rutter, Esq., Of Counsel, Curiale Wilson

In this session you will hear from a seasoned labor and employment law expert who will highlight current major employment and labor law challenges for the banking industry, including emerging trends in wage and hour law and responding to the newly active National Labor Relations Board. Finally, you will hear about the “trial of the year” involving discrimination and retaliation claims and what you as a banking professional can take away from this landmark case.

9:30 – Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go
Julie Winkle Giulioni, co-founder, DesignArounds

In today’s business environment, talent is the major differentiator. And developing and retaining that talent is one of the most significant drivers of employee engagement… which in turn is the key to critical business outcomes like revenue, profitability, innovation, productivity, customer loyalty, quality, and cycle time.

Yet, despite its importance, managers too frequently ignore the development imperative.  Every day, employees who believe that their careers are not getting the attention they deserve make the decision to leave. Some resign to pursue employment in organizations that offer greater opportunity.  But the more dangerous group stays and withdraws its engagement, motivation, and enthusiasm for the work.

So, what’s a leader to do? Plenty… and it may be easier than you expect. Quality career development boils down to quality conversations.  Improve the conversation and career development follows… along with job satisfaction, retention and results.

Julie Winkle Giulioni demonstrates just how simple it can be and how to help managers build career development into everyday work life – where it belongs. Practical tips, research-based recommendations and verbal skills are offered to make career development a lot easier and more effective.

This presentation will help you:

  • Unravel the connection been career development and business results
  • Explore the factors (organizational and individual) that conspire to undermine career development
  • Redefine what career development means today
  • Crystalize the steps you can take to begin to foster a development culture in your organization

10:30 – Networking Break

10:45 - Compensation Program Design: Attracting, Engaging and Retaining and Talent 
Dan Wetzel, Managing Director, Pearl Meyer & Partners and Katherine Mahlum, Vice President Pearl Meyer & Partners 

Community bank compensation programs are evolving in response to regulatory pressure, shareholder demands, and a transitioning workforce. As the programs evolve, it is important to remember the fundamental purpose of a compensation program is to facilitate in the recruitment and retention of personal as well as to serve as a tool for rewarding and driving employee engagement at your unique bank.

In this session we will address the external pressures on compensation program design which are leading to conforming compensation programs (one-size fits all).  We will outline the competitive advantages in and approaches to differentiating your compensation program to support your bank’s unique business strategy and drive employee engagement. In addition, we will discuss approaches for you to consider in recruiting and retaining talent when your competition for talent may not be a direct industry competitor.

11:45 - Non-qualified Executive and Director Benefit Plans and BOLI Financing Options – 2015
Eric Johnsen, Executive Benefits and BOLI consultant, Equias Alliance

This session will provide an update of the key trends in non-qualified executive and director compensation plans in 2015 and the alignment of performance indicators with the strategic goals of banks. BOLI financing will be briefly discussed and how it is used to help offset executive and employee benefit plans.

12:10 – Lunch

1:00 – Sponsor Presentation
Jennifer Young, District Manager and Sarah Grimstead, Regional Manager, Insperity

1:15 - Culture in the Banking Industry – What Do We Do Now?
Dan Schimmelpfenig, Sr. Manager, Deloitte Consulting

Culture is an ever present concept in our organizations. But what does it really mean? How has the market forces of the last decade radically changed the culture of the banking industry? And what can organizations do to attract, retain, and develop talent in a hyper competitive industry still recovering from the challenges of the last 10 years. Join us for an interactive discussion to learn more about the importance of culture in today’s banking marketplace.

2:15 – Networking Break

2:30 – The Non-financial Side of Succession Planning   
Rick Beaton, Co-founder of Marigold Associates, LLC

Succession planning is traditionally strong on financial and legal due diligence related to the transition of the bank to new owners or leaders. But this is only part of the picture. Also challenging are the human related issues in this important transition. A good succession process usually begins by preparing the stakeholders 3-5 years prior to the event. In this session, we will sketch out the leadership and organizational culture elements essential to a smooth, successful succession of ownership and leadership.

3:30 - Secrets to Nurturing Top-Notch Finance Talent
Stephen Wulkopf, Sr. Resource Manager, Robert Half Management Resources

The discussion is designed to address key questions around building a high-performing finance team. This presentation will address where to find skilled talent, what top candidates are looking for in employment opportunities, how companies can motivate talented finance professionals to join and stay on with a team and how employers can help their staff to grow while ensuring their organization has access to the right skills at the right time. Attracting talent, keeping it on board, and helping team members to grow and make even greater contributions to the firm are as important as any other duties you hold.

4:30 – Adjourn