Education & Training


CBA Offers a Variety of Educational and Training Offerings

The California Bankers Association provides our members with the educational offerings and conferences necessary to grow their businesses and to keep them profitable. One of the best investments any bank can make is in the ongoing education and training of its employees.

CBA has had a long-standing commitment to providing its members with timely, high quality, cost-effective learning. In 2005 we became your local American Bankers Association (ABA) training provider, and now offer the entire American Institute of Banking (AIB) continuing education curriculum.

Through a comprehensive program of conferences, banking schools, teleconferences, on-line courses, and seminars offered in flexible delivery formats, CBA can help bankers at every level develop their professional and technical skills, from entry level through executive management.




Commercial Real Estate Lending & Appraisals
Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

Image of Commercial Real Estate Lending & Appraisals

Despite the recent downturn, commercial real estate (CRE) loans remain an important component of bank loan portfolios, and many of our commercial and Industrial (C&I) business owners have significant CRE investments.  This two-day program demonstrates (from case studies) the key variables and concepts for determining CRE cash flow and the key components of CRE appraisals and the review process involved.


2014 Directors Certification Update
October 21 in Newport Beach & October 23 in San Francisco

Image of 2014 Directors Certification Update

Keep your certification current by attending our annual update session!

Changes are looming for bank directors.  For the last four years, the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act has been a game changer for the banking industry and the boardroom.  New governance, capital, investment and compliance rules have come into play in 2014.  Financial services regulation is changing rapidly and dramatically.


2014 Technology & Community Banking
Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

Image of 2014 Technology & Community Banking

In 2014, the industry continues to push innovation to businesses faster than businesses can consume. Bank technology executives will continue to face the typical challenges: cost reductions, stakeholder expectations for IT, technical resource requirements and more.


Webinars, Webcasts, Telebriefings and On Demand Seminars are a cost-effective and time-efficient way to maximize your training dollars.

CBA is now pleased to partner with two webinar providers:        ConferenceEdge

All of the webinars coming up in the next month or so are listed below. When you click on the link to register you will be brought to one of the two websites. As such each has its own log-in protocol.


Developing a Mobile Banking Strategy for Community Banks

In spite of growing demand, there are banks that have yet to invest in this technology, and many have done little beyond offering a basic product. This session provides the information and techniques to select, implement, promote and manage a broad mobile banking delivery channel.


Fair Lending Update

What are the major areas of concern? How do regulators expect financial institutions to prevent problems? Fair lending continues to be a priority – this program provides an update on current issues.


Organizing an Effective Remote Deposit Capture Compliance Program

Do you want to have successful Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) audits and exams…each and every time?


Banking Schools


2014 Graduate School of Compliance Management
Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

Image of 2014 Graduate School of Compliance Management

This two and a half-day program will  provide in depth guidance on developing, implementing, and maintaining an effective Compliance Management System (CMS) that enhances your institutions strategic plan.

Our new Graduate Compliance School is designed for experienced officers and risk managers who strive for regulatory excellence by ensuring the Compliance Management System integrates compliance ownership into the culture of the bank. The goal is to shrink the communications gap between revenue producers and techno-centric compliance officers. You will outpace your peers by speaking in risk-based terms to close the gap between those who have responsibility as product owners and your compliance governance, scrutiny and oversight duties


AIB Training


AIB Diplomas
Diplomas provide a broad and in-depth coverage of banking as a profession

For more than 100 years, bankers have taken advantage of the diploma and certificate programs sponsored by the American Institute of Banking (AIB) to prepare for careers in banking or to enhance the skills and knowledge they already possess. Diplomas, which take longer to complete, provide broader and more in-depth coverage of banking as a profession. The programs are continually reevaluated and refined to reflect the current needs of bankers in their jobs today and changes in the industry.


AIB Certificates
Certificates build the skills necessary for specific positions in your bank

Certificates build the skills necessary for a specific position in the bank and can be taken entirely online as a certificate curriculum. The programs are continually reevaluated and refined to reflect the current needs of bankers in their jobs today and changes in the industry.

ABA eLearning includes more than 130 training courses in the retail, small business banking, wealth management and trust, management and leadership, and compliance topics, many of which lead to certification.

When you have earned a certificate, please fax or mail the appropriate worksheet to the CBA office. You will be billed a $30 processing fee per certificate.


Books and Resources

Have trainers and/or subject matter experts within your bank who like to train other employees? Lack the materials to run your own workshops? Not anymore!


Customized In-House Training
In-House Programs for Management and Professional Development

Image of Customized In-House Training

Have you ever seen one of our seminars or schools and said to yourself, “I’d like to send all of our bankers to that class, but between the registration and travel costs it doesn’t make sense.” Well we may be able to help you with that.

CBA, through unique partnerships with state banking associations across the country, can provide education on a wide variety of topics.  We have a network of consultants and training companies that we work with to create the curriculum that you see on our website, much of which we can deliver at your bank, and at a reduced cost!


2014 Safety & Soundness 2014
Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

Image of 2014 Safety & Soundness 2014
Hear what the CA DBO, the OCC, the FRB and the FDIC have to say!

As we move past the recent banking crisis to a recovery for our industry, we are all focused on what our regulators are suggesting as it relates to avoiding another one of these periods. We see a clear picture evolving that places greater emphasis on “dynamic” vs. “static” risk management procedures and this seems to be the most significant challenge facing us all as we head into 2015.